RYŪGAKU: Explorations in Study Abroad

Publication Guidelines・出版のガイドライン


Articles in either English or Japanese are accepted.


Please follow APA style for English manuscripts.


Seven kinds of articles appear in this journal:

  • Feature Articles should be 1500 - 7,500 words in length.
  • Short Articles maximum 1500 words.
  • Interviews should be between 1000 - 3000 words.
  • Classroom Ideas maximum 3000 words.
  • Book reviews should be between 1000 - 2500 words.
  • Text reviews should be between 1500 - 3000 words and based on a text you actualy used in class.
  • Study abroad program reviews should be between 600 - 1500 words.
  • Study abroad experiences from students should be between 600 - 1800 words.
These should be sent by electronic mail to contact our publication co-chairs at this address:

studyabroadsig *at* gmail *dot* com

(Please type in the "at" and "dot" symbols & eliminate blank spaces)

Evaluation Procedure:

Manuscripts are subject to review by at least two reviewers. Evaluation is usually completed within three weeks, at which point writers will be notified of the acceptance of their papers.


Our journal is published 2-3 times a year, so submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis.